e-Learning Academy

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The e-Learning Academy is established with the specific mandate to drive and support the implementation of blended learning at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The name ‘academy’ reflects its core purpose as unit which primarily promotes ‘learning how to teach with technology’. Hence, eLA’s task is to help our lecturers effectively implement the use of technology into teaching and learning.

The goals for e-Learning at Taylor’s University, as outlined in the e-Learning Strategic Plan, are summarized below:

  1. Use of technology will be integrated to curricular goals and consistent with learning outcomes
  2. The extension of staff capabilities in the use of blended learning
  3. The establishment of effective governance that drives and sustains e-learning
  4. The extension of the University’s quality assurance framework to support blended learning
  5. The establishment of reliable infrastructure and timely support services
  6. The provision of optimal learning spaces