Bill Payment via PUBLIC BANK Internet Banking 
Step-by-Step Guide :
1 Login into PUBLIC BANK online login page.
2 Select  "experience new Pbe"
3 Enter User ID and password. Click "Login"
4 Click on "Payment". Click on "Bill payment"
5 Click "To Other Bill". Select "Accept"
6 Select "TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY " from the Corporation Code drop down list then click "Next"
7 Select account option.
Insert details as per sample below
From Account                    : Saving/Current/Credit card
Corporation Code             : 4810-Taylor's University
Amount                             : 5000
Student Name                   : Adam
Student ID                         : 0321234
8 Click "Next"
9 Review all details and click "Request PAC Now" 
10 Screen will prompt notification PAC code set thru SMS. Click "Close"
11 Enter PAC code. Click "Confirm"
12 An acknowledgement screen will be displayed.