Bill Payment via HSBC Internet Banking 
Step-by-Step Guide :
Step 1- Payee Registration (One-off,first time only)
1 Login into HSBC Personal Internet Banking Site (ensure HSBC Security Device is available)
2 Select "Pay Bills". Click "Add Payee"
3 Click on "T". Select "Taylor's University (Lakeside Campus)"
4 Insert required details. 
Account number: 00312345/ADAM
(Student's ID must be 8 digits. If it is less than 8, add zeros in front)
5 Key Student's ID (example 00312345) into security device. 
6 Wait for transaction signing code to appear as xxx_xxx
7 Enter transaction signing code without spacing on required field
8 Review all details and click "CONFIRM"
Step 2- To make payment
1 Click "Pay a Bill" 
2 Select "Pay To". Select "Taylor's University (Lakeside Campus)"
3 Insert details as per sample below
Amount : 5000
Date & frequency : "Pay Now"
Details : Tuition Fee / Hostel
4 Screen will prompt "Pay a Bill-Review Details" . Click "Confirm" 
5 An acknowledgement screen will be displayed.